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January 23, 2013


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Recently we have been asked how to verify the status of a background check. Here is the process that takes place when applying for a license with the Division of Real Estate in Colorado.

If you have made application with the Division of Real Estate and submitted your fingerprints, those items are then matched up at the DRE. Once that happens then the license is issued.

If you completed both a while ago you can try contacting both the DRE and CBI to verify the status of your application. We suggest you do this about 16 weeks after completing the background check and only after you pass the state exam and apply for a license. (without an application, no license can be issued and status cannot be discussed)

The DRE can be called or emailed here;

eMail - real-estate@dora.state.co.us
phone - (303) 894-2166 or (303) 894-2185

The CBI can be contacted here;

• e-mail the CBI at CDPS_CBI_Records_Check@state.co.us
• If e-mailing CBI does not resolve your question, then call 303-239-4208 for 24 hour assistance.

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