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January 10, 2013


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One possible solution was presented by the DRE - we have published that online at http://vaned.typepad.com/newslog/2013/01/colorado-background-checks-still-lagging-possible-expidited-solution.html for those who are interested.

I have not taken the exam yet, but I want to go ahead and start the background check process...how do I go about it and where do I get a fingerprint card from?

VanEd pre-licensing students receive the background check information, fingerprint card and instructions in the package with the textbooks and any materials. This can be submitted at any time. If you did not receive this please let us know.

For Continuing Education students subject to the background check process we are happy to send you this information as needed. Email us at [email protected] or leave a comment here and we'll send that out to you.

VanEd recently received a couple of notes from students who had submitted fingerprint information to the CBI only to later find out that the CBI did not have/receive/know about those people.

Our best suggestion for those who previously sent in fingerprints is that either a month after submission or at the time you submit your application for licensure you may also want to contact the CBI to see if they can determine or notify you of the status of the fingerprints. The CBI contact link is below.


I didn't receive a package with instructions for the background check. Please let me know how I get that.

For anyone who needs the background check information and did not receive it initially, please email us at [email protected] to have that information sent directly to you.

I have not taken the exam yet but I would like to start my Background Check. Can you re-send me the info?

We will send you the information again. Thank you.

How do I check to see if my fingerprints and background check were recieved by DORA?

You can contact the Division of Real Estate (DRE) at the numbers below. When you file an application, however, they will match those up with the background check information and then either issue a license or inform you they have not received them yet.

1560 Broadway, Suite 925, Denver, CO 80202 Email - mailto: [email protected] -
(303) 894-2166 / (303) 894-2185 - Phone (303) 894-2683 - Fax

I have two questions; 1) how long are the background checks good for? I did mine already but never heard or saw anything from it and can't remembe the exact date I did it. 2) How do I know if it was sent to DORA and will be there when I apply for my license?

Background check information is not reported in Colorado, but once received by the Division is saved for 90 days. Our suggestion is to complete the background check about 4 weeks prior to taking the state exam. So to more directly answer your second question, you likely will not know if they received the information until AFTER you make application for licensure. Which is a bit of a drag.

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